What next?


What next? Is a question often an individual has to answer, say, what’s my next job? Many participants walk up to us at the end of a session asking for assistance in helping them identify their next job. What we have noticed is; in a never ending endeavour to support our environment (family + friends + life + entertainment), we often fail to give enough thought on what the ‘Self’. What we believe is, the primary element that needs to be understood is the self, for everything else depends or revolves around the self.

Personal development is an essential step for making oneself more appealing to employers and customers. It also helps boost your self-image, and this doesn’t happen without introspection. Here comes the next important question; what is introspection and how does one go about achieving this? Introspection is contemplating one’s own thoughts, feelings and sensations. It is similar to self-examination; identifying what is that one thing which keeps us ticking.

In 1960’s ‘Edmund P. Learned, Kenneth Andrews, C. Roland Christensen and William D’ have conceptualized an analysis technique, to identify potential new markets and determining an organizations capability to take on newer challenges, SWOT. A SWOT analysis was initially used for businesses but a personal SWOT analysis can help assess a person’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats too. Self analysis is perhaps one of the most tedious and complicated activity and one should not take it easily. Completing a Swot analysis not helps an individual understand oneself better, it also helps bring about a new freshness into one’s life and career.

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