Types or Components of a Service

To efficiently deliver a service and generate value for it, it is important that we identify three key elements of a service, viz: Core, Enabling and Enhancing. A core element is the actual service that the customer needs and for which he will pay, while the enabling element is that aspect that help deliver the core service. An enabling service may not may not be visible to the customer and the customer would not perceive this as a service. An enhancing element is something that is added to the core service to make the service more attractive and exciting. The enhancing service will encourage the customer to user your services over your competitors, however, the core element of the service still remains the soul for the service and would drive value.

‘30 Minute guaranteed delivery or your pizza is free,’ if this is the core service of a Pizza store, the core element of the service is the pizza, the means to deliver the pizza in 30 minutes becomes the enabling element and a voucher that can used for a 30% discount on their next home delivery is the enhancing element. In time the enhancing element becomes a part of the core element, and an effective continual service improvement process enables service providers to reinvent the enhancing element of a service.

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