This is something most of us hear from some of our senior managers and higher-ups within any organization. The real question here is, though most of them talk about transparency, how transparent are organizations and what are the value adds of being transparent.

Transparency by definition means the ability of being ‘honest and willing to share & communicate without any hiccups’. Often times being honest places an individual in an uncomfortable situation within an organization, this is thanks to primarily two reasons: 1. the organizations willingness to be upfront about ‘what they want to achieve’ & ‘what they are willing to do’ to achieve it and 2. an individual’s willingness to be upfront about ‘what they want and what they did’.  So how can an organization be transparent without placing themselves and their employees in an uncomfortable position?

Here is what we think: the key to being transparent is ‘communication’. To start with an  organization will need to develop an appetite where they are clearly able to ‘articulate their goals and visions to their employees’ & actively involve them in reshaping them day-in and day-out. The organization and the individual will need to be open to hear things, they may not like and will need to ‘comprehend’, not just ‘respond’. Like they say ‘All of us are smarter than, one of us’. While deciding the next course of action, one needs to actively involve all key stakeholders and hear what they have in mind and a collective decision will need to be identified.

The next obvious question is what’s in it for us? Transparency, we believe is the key to ‘creativity’. By being transparent, organizations not only motivate their employees to actively contribute to their success but also develop a culture, where ‘out of the box thinking’ becomes a normal practice. This has an impact on practically everything that happens within an organization. Unless transparency becomes one of the core values within an organization, employee integration may not be possible, and without employee integration, collective progress is a distant reality.

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