Purpose & Objectives of ITIL Service Strategic management for IT Services


Strategy management for IT services is the process of defining and maintaining an organization’s perspective, position, plans and patterns with regard to its services and the management of those services. The purpose of a service strategy is to articulate how a service provider will enable an organization to achieve its business outcomes; it establishes the criteria and mechanisms to decide which services will be best suited to meet the business outcomes and the most effective and efficient way to manage these services. Strategy management for IT services is the process that ensures that the strategy is defined, maintained and achieves its purpose.


  • Analyse the internal and external environments in which the service provider exists, to identify opportunities that will benefit the organization.
  • Identify constraints that might prevent the achievement of business outcomes, the delivery of services or the management of services; and define how those constraints could be removed or their effects reduced.
  • Agree the service provider’s perspective and review regularly to ensure continued relevance. This will result in a clear statement of the vision and mission of the service provider.
  • Establish the position of the service provider relative to its customers and other service providers. This includes defining which services will be delivered to which market spaces, and how to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Produce and maintain strategy planning documents and ensure that all relevant stakeholders have updated copies of the appropriate documents. This will include the IT strategy, the service management strategy and the strategy plans for each service where appropriate.
  • Ensure that strategic plans have been translated into tactical and operational plans for each organizational unit that is expected to deliver on the strategy.

Manage changes to the strategies and related documents, ensuring that strategies keep pace with changes to the internal and external environments

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