Is it ITIL® V3 or ITIL® 2011?

Many potential candidates have been asking this question. Is it V3 or 2011? Which one is the recent release. Just thought to share the philosophy of the Cabinet office on the refresh.

ITIL® V3 released in 2007. It had significant changes from their earlier versions. Life cycle approach was adopted first time in IT Service Management. This version in the market sent feedback to the OGC. A new program was created to manage changes. The result of successful change implementation to ITIL® 2007 release of ITIL® V3 resulted in ITIL® 2011 refresh. OGC now HM Cabinet Office has decided to call the ITIL® sans versions. Instead they decided to call with the number in which year it was released. As of now the expected revisions are understood to be every 4 years. has been offering trainings in the ITIL® 2011 versions of courses on all levels in Hyderabad.

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