How to get certificate from APMG International


Go to give your register email id and password (hint: when the exam registration time you given a password) to login to download your certificate.

After Completion of Exam:

  1. APMG email you score result within 2 – 3 working days.
  2. Certificate is uploaded within 15 days

2 thoughts on “How to get certificate from APMG International”

  1. I have cleared CIPR exam on 12 May 2019. My certificate is pending. When will i get it. It will be sent to my email id or i have to download from somewhere?

    Give me your response.


  2. Team,
    My name is Mazin Husain and I’ve completed my ITIL Intermediate certifications with EXIN in the past years. My email wasn’t registered at the time of giving these certifications. I have a username EXN4435684 and I’m trying to obtain the copies of my intermediate certificates.

    Could anyone please help me out here?
    My email ID is

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