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DevOps® – Foundation Certification and Training Workshop

As more and more companies realize their dependency on IT as a fundamental factor for reshaping their business, it is extremely important for organizations to get more work done from IT in less time. In an era, where IT is transforming itself in becoming more agile to deliver innovative solutions that, not just meet the needs of their customers but also exceed them, it is equally important that IT retains their traditional approach towards stabilizing production, ensuring that the business can continue leveraging from IT.

DevOps® plays a vital role in balancing these aspects and it is now being sought after by development & operations team alike to build better collaboration while reducing the time-to-market.

DevOps® focuses on building better collaboration and is an ideology rather than a methodology. This workshop provides an introduction to DevOps®, the cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster.

eQSystem’s unique Training program for DevOps®

Our Two day activity based workshop focuses on improving your professional blended knowledge in development and support, while ensuring that you have a practical understanding of these practices. Since these are globally accepted practises, these can be applied to projects of all types, and combined with any development framework or service management methodology.

We have built the principles into a curriculum providing hands-on experience on the DevOps® topics delivered through our SMEs ensuring 100% learning assimilation. The DevOps® credentials are valued only if you have hands-on practical experience and we are committed to providing you the un-matched experience.

This program also includes a mandatory DevOps® certification exam, which is conducted at the end of the second day. eQSystems has been considered as a authority in this domain when it comes to implementation.

The DevOps® exam is part of the DevOps® Institute qualification program and has been developed in cooperation with international experts in the field.

A few reasons to attend our Trainer Led Workshop
  • Our DevOps® professional training workshop and certification will help you showcase your Management skills and make you industry-ready.
  • After attending our workshop you can progress into the practice of integrating Development and Support processes which is essential in practical environment.
  • Our program involves scenario-based examples and activities which make the sessions more engaging and relevant,
  • Every paid participant is entitled to a lifetime access to free instructor led refresher sessions.
  • Every participants at eQSystems, is entitled our ‘Attend – Validate – Pay’ option.
Who should attend the workshop?

DevOps® qualification can be taken up by anyone who has ever worked in IT development (applications or infrastructure) or operations OR are currently managing these areas. The workshop is highly important for people who are delivering technical/business benefits such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, faster delivery of features while maintaining production stability as well as breaking- down barriers and reducing cycle times.

Program Details:

The Foundation level is focused on providing the know-how around the concepts as well as the cultural challenges & sets the foundations. The Foundation level is the most sought after in the management domains where project / service managers are expected to drive the culture of collaboration through implementation of DevOps® principles.

This is a ‘two day’ workshop with both the days starting at ‘09:00’ am and closing at ‘17:00 pm’, with a three beak schedule: 11:00 for tea, 01:00 for lunch and 3:00 for tea. Our programs are designed to ensure all participants get ample time to participate and comprehend the learning’s.

This includes the mandatory sixteen (16) hour of training.

The program includes:

Hard and soft copies of coursework

Activity sheets

Stationary (notepads and pens)

Goodies (Toffees and personalized souvenir)

DevOps® certification from DevOps® Institute

Exam details

The examination has 40  multiple choice questions worth one mark each and one will need to answer 26 correct answers to get the required 65% to clear the examination. This is a closed book examination and no electronic equipment are allowed during the examination which is times for 60 minutes.

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