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Cloud Computing – Foundation

Cloud computing® is about providing services through the internet, or the cloud like one would like to call it. Cloud computing® allows flexible solutions to support the business, based on clear service arrangements. Cloud and SaaS are latest scalable and innovative IT models that pushes the business beyond their boundaries to achieve outcomes. In the world of Information Technology (IT), cloud computing® is considered a management style where scalable IT-related capabilities can be provided ‘as a service’ to multiple customers using the cloud.

The Cloud computing® Foundation certificate is an overview into the field of cloud computing® and its relationship with other areas of information management. Such an overview is based on knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Cloud computing® and understanding of deployment, architecture and design of the Cloud computing® Platform.

eQSystem’s unique Training program for Cloud Computing® (Foundation)

Our Two day activity based workshop focuses on improving your professional blended knowledge in service management and cloud computing, while ensuring that you have a practical understanding of these practices. Since these are globally accepted practices, these can be applied to any cloud based platform one would work with.

  • Our cloud computing workshop and certification will help you showcase your cloud computing® and SAAS skills making you industry-ready.
  • After attending our workshop will receive a thorough grounding in cloud computing®, understanding its characteristics, key benefits, common security and technical challenges.
  • Understand how to address them, as well as all the delivery models – private, public, and hybrid.
  • You will also learn how to effectively implement a cloud action plan that ensures organization acceptance and success for cloud computing initiatives.
  • Every paid participant is entitled to a lifetime access to free instructor led refresher sessions.
  • Every participants at eQSystems, is entitled our ‘Attend – Validate – Pay’ option.

Who can attend the workshop?

The Cloud Computing® training and certification course is for IT professionals and practitioners who would require insights and understanding of the Cloud Computing® framework including the fundamentals and the architecture. The program can be attended by anyone who would like to adopt a structured methodology in learning the next big phenomenon in IT industry – Cloud Computing®.

Our program covers

    • The principles of Cloud Computing®.
    • Types of clouds and cloud services.
    • Using the Cloud.
    • Implementing and managing Cloud Computing®.
    • Designing SLA and evaluating the cloud.

Program details

Our program includes the minimum number of 15 contact hours for this training course. This includes group assignments, exam preparation and short breaks.

A ‘two day’ workshop with both the days starting at ‘09:00’ am and closing at ‘17:00 pm’, with a three beak schedule: 11:00 for tea, 01:00 for lunch and 3:00 for tea. Our programs are designed to ensure all participants get ample time to participate and comprehend the learning’s.

The program includes:

  • Hard and soft copies of coursework
  • Activity sheets
  • Stationary (notepads and pens)
  • Goodies (Toffees and personalized souvenir)
  • Cloud computing® Foundation certification.


The exam Cloud computing® Foundation is part of the EXIN qualification program and has been developed in cooperation with international experts in the field,  such as IT Service Management and Information Security.



Exam Details

[tabs style=”” theme=dark connect=”20″] [tab title=”APMG” icon=”” connect=”20″] Examination through APMG has 50 multiple choice questions and one will need to answer 25 correct answers to clear the examination. This is a closed book examination and no electronic equipment are allowed during the examination which is times for 40 minutes. [/tab] [tab title=”EXIN” icon=”” connect=”20″] Examination through EXIN has 40 multiple choice questions and one will need to answer 26 correct answers to clear the examination. This is a closed book examination and no electronic equipment are allowed during the examination which is timed for 60 minutes. [/tab] [/tabs]


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