What is a Service?

According to ITIL the definition the service is “means of delivering value to customers by facilitating the outcomes that the customer wants to achieve without specific ownership of cost and the risk” Let us understand it with some references and instances. The value for customer composes of THREE important elements. Outcomes-Preferences-Perceptions. Outcomes are the results …

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Why Service?

We are living in a service based economy. I think we all should know how to manage a service. According to some surveys back in 2009 more than 80% of the global economy is contributed by Services. The Products today have a higher service component than in previous decades. In the management literature this is …

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ITIL® Evolution

Hi, welcome to eQSystems and thank you for joining us. The first version of ITIL® was released in 1989 and the focus was on Infrastructure management. As part of this framework, the owners of this framework, CCTA (Central Computer Telecommunications Agency) has released more than 40 books. After 11 years of its existence, the owners …

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Function of ITIL®

For a service to be successfully delivered, it is important that a set of activities are performed either manually or automated, to complete a process that produces a defined output. To continually ensure that all the activities are performed effectively, it is imperative that, organizations clearly define the roles and responsibilities of every individual and …

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